Keepsake Box – The Day You Were Born

*New* Keepsake Box

Keepsake Box - The Day You Were Born

We are extremely excited to announce a new product coming soon

* The Day You Were Born Keepsake Box *

Designed by a customer who wanted the perfect gift for their daughter’s 1st Birthday.  This is a beautiful keepsake box perfect for storing all those precious memories of a little one such as the hospital wrist bands, cards and special sentimental items.

Details close up

A couple of weeks ago a customer approached me with an idea.  We worked together to create exactly what she wanted; she wanted flowers and hearts in the design so I went away and produced the pattern.  Once receiving the approval I started the embroidery process. Unfortunately one of the designs wasn’t as perfect as I had liked so we went back to the drawing board to ensure she had an esquisit and high quality product.

Hot Off The Machine

Hot Off The Machine

After the details were embroidered and stretched onto the mounting board, it was then coated with waterproof protection to preserve the beautiful embroidery.

The Day You Were Born Keepsake Box

This bespoke keepsake box for a very important recipient is unique; I love how the embroidery is exposed and you can see and feel the stunning artwork.  The interior of the box contains complementary tissue paper additionally the box is wrapped in tissue paper to preserve the embroidered artwork.

Keepsake Box - The Day You Were Born

The external box measurements are 30cm x 30cm x 6cm and embroidered area is approximately 16cm x 16 cm.