Capture the moment

Trying to capture the moment can be tricky!

As a family, our time together is very precious as my husband lives away from us during the week. Whenever there are instants which are special and need to be recorded I try and take a photo or (infrequently) a video.  Then later I use them to create posh looking photobooks, thanks to Photobox and their deals, to display these photos and activities. We also set up an email address for our daughter when she was born so that when she is old enough she will be able to see all those singular events which we have recorded…..Possibly, if she has children in the future, she will be able to look at the photos and videos and realise what a little angel / terror she was and how her child / children share similar traits!!  

Does anyone else have wishful thinking like this?!!

Through these blogs, and over time, you will see a number of my photos. I am an avid photographer and once-upon-a-time I considered selling my photos, but when someone asked how much some of my travelling photos were, I ran a mile and avoided the subject!  

Blossom in Kansas

For now I enjoy taking photos of my family, the dog and things that capture my eye. You’ll also see some of these moments randomly appear on my Instagram page.

Nowadays the problem of taking a good photo always comes down to timing…

Whenever I see a moment to take a photo it’s always a race against the clock to get it recorded, to take a photo or video, and be pleased with it.

When we are out of the house, I usually only have my iPhone and not my small Canon Powershot with me. Taking a photo or video goes something like this:

  1. Get the phone out,
  2. Select camera
  3. Take a photo,
  4. Or try and take a video on the phone / ipad / camera etc.

It sounds so simple! I remember the days before having a toddler when you have time to pose, take the shot and be completely happy with it. Now it’s more about being happy with a mediocre photo – it’s a bonus if it looks great! Recently we have had a few ‘things’ which make taking a picture a race against time:

  • our daughter’s impatience,
  • toddler distractions (bin lorry driving past, lorry….to be truthful it’s anything!),
  • our daughter wants to watch / see the screen of the iPhone/ recording device,
  • etc etc!

Here’s a perfect example of how not to capture the moment!

Capture the moment and sometimes miss it

Usually I’d delete these photos straight away because they are a ‘waste’ and I can’t use them in the future.  Instead I have found myself referring back to them. I find them amusing as they remind me of those moments I missed and how easy it is to miss it. Capturing the moment exactly how you want it to be is so important and when it works, well, it’s perfect.

I guess if we are going to look at these photos above then you could say my dog, Merlin, was perfectly behaved so in his eyes it was a perfect photo of him!

Tell us about your experiences below in the comments. Have you found taking photos to be hard work sometimes? Or do you find it quite easy? We’d love to hear how you capture the moment.