Imagine Sew Beautiful creates heartfelt gifts that perfectly meet your needs.

Tiny handprint embroidered as a perfect keepsake

Unique designs for your life

As a mum, I understand how important it is for you to find the perfect gift in a timely manner.  Special occasions usually appear suddenly and you need that customised gift, one that conveys your love to your family and friends and also suits your particular sense of style. Spending time searching on Pinterest for that perfect DIY gift will provide you with an adequate gift after copious amounts of time labouring, but why settle with that? Spending that time with your family and loved ones is more profitable use of time, or just relaxing after an exhausting day at work or running around after other (little) people.  

So instead, why not put the kettle on and while you’re waiting for it to boil, browse our website and chose a stunning unique personal gift which we will promise to put all of our love and passion into creating it just for you. Settle for stunning, let Imagine Sew Beautiful create a memory perfect for you. 


We use 100% cotton for our cushions and they are absolutely perfect and soft to cuddle up to on the sofa! Our embroidery thread used is of a very high quality and has wonderful shine and is extremely fast to chlorine, all of which complement the quality of our products.


The Butterfly Logo

There’s something majestic about butterflies and we were drawn to them when creating Imagine Sew Beautiful!

Like our designs, the life cycle of butterfly is quite similar.  Their lives as caterpillars is very natural and over time (and a bit of nature’s magic) they turn into stunning butterflies; we see this as a perfect symbol to our work and name. You imagine an idea in it’s natural form, we add a bit of magic and produce a beautiful piece of embroidered artwork which absolutely perfect!

Hannah Nicklin

Founder Hannah Nicklin started Imagine Sew Beautiful with the vision of creating a unique home decor brand that promotes intentional gift buying, offers personalised items in a timely manner, and at a premium quality.

I have always liked to give personal presents for birthdays and Christmas yet I have found it hard to find exactly what I wanted. Frequently I turned to Pinterest to find something which always takes a lot longer to create than planned, but was customised for the recipient. While I was pregnant with my second, working full time and my husband was away, I really needed a business like Imagine Sew Beautiful to be my saving grace when I was exhausted and needed those all important beautiful gifts. I decided to create a beautiful birth stats pillow for a friend’s daughters Christening, and the Imagine Sew Beautiful seed was planted! It is one of the most talked about products! My eldest has a cushion too and on the back I have sewn all of her swimming badges onto it so when she is older she has all of these precious childhood memories in one place. It always brings a lump to my throat when I see it!

I relish in the challenges, combining photography with embroidery and creating completely unique art pieces for my customers. 

Imagine Sew Beautiful founder